Be the first to report on the scene of the world’s major breaking news stories.

  • Broadcast quickly on location when news breaks
    Our seasoned crews and state of the art equipment are dispersed globally, allowing for rapid deployment to the scene of breaking news
  • Concentrate on the story, not the logistics
    Live Positions, Logistical & Editorial Support, Satellite & Internet Connectivity. Everything you need to deliver high quality coverage that stands out from the competition
  • Reduced Cost, Improved Reporting
    Report on location without the cost and hassle of sending large crews and kit across borders
  • Local and technical expertise
    Benefit from our highly experienced field producers and broadcast engineers for local knowledge and technical expertise


  • Gain access to major events
    Leverage the global editorial and production expertise of TIMA to gain access to the events that matter most to your audience
  • Cost effective solution
    Book and cover events without incurring the costs of infrastructure and staffing
  • Effortless setup
    Our crews prepare and set up on location, providing live positions, wireless internet access and FTP services
  • Local and technical expertise 
    Benefit from our extensive local knowledge and technical expertise
  • Customise your coverage of an event.
    We can tailor coverage to meet your broadcast needs including setting up complete studio and production facilities on location.


Expand your reach. TIMA broadcast studios provide you with: 

  • Stunning space with seasoned broadcast crews
    Covering all the major cities around the world strategically located in the heart of the city with live background views 
  • State of the art equipment 
    Cutting-edge high-tech control rooms and equipment for post-production editing
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure
    Strong satellite and fibre connectivity delivered live into your newsroom

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