content production

We have a successful track record in video production for our broadcast, online and corporate clients.  Our highly experienced production, film and editing staff has international experience in all aspects of content production from news, current affairs, entertainment and sports to documentaries and studio based live programmes.

customised content

TIMA will work with your reporter, or provide a freelance reporter if you do not have one, to produce a complete news or current affairs video package that is then delivered to you ready-to-air.  The video package can be of any duration and cover any topic. Clients use our customized content service to cover stories in entertainment, politics, social and cultural events and sports. We provide the reporter with:

  • Researching a story
  • Planning the coverage
  • Shooting the video
  • Editing and voicing the video
  • Delivery of the finished package to you
Customised Content

live studio programmes

In today’s media environment there is an increasing demand for live broadcast video content.  This can range from a simple live interview with an expert or celebrity to a complicated multi-camera studio show with a panel and an audience.  In each case TIMA will plan, set up and transmit live any studio show or programme from any part of the world in HD or SD. This can be in one of our studios around the world or a studio that we can set up on location.

Live Studio Programmes

series and formats

Popular entertainment shows and formats generate high audience share and advertising revenues.  If you are looking for a new programme format then TIMA can assist you with the complicated licensing and distribution process. We will work with you to ensure that the format works for your audience and we can produce the show for you to reduce costs and to ensure compliance with the licensing terms.

If you are a broadcaster with an existing popular programme format, TIMA will work with you to develop your licensing terms and will use its access to broadcasters around the world to promote and license the format on your behalf. 


online video

TIMA is ready to meet the rapid growth in demand for online video.  With its experience in video content production and live feeds, TIMA can provide your site with original customised video content and/or live video streams from an event or the scene of a breaking news story, helping you capture and retain the attention of the viewer.

We can integrate live video streams or produce a live online studio show, with online chat rooms and social networking sites and communities to provide a captive audience for your advertisers.

Online Video


In today’s business environment corporations and global brands need to get their message across to their shareholders and customers. Bringing years of media communications experience and brand understanding, TIMA can help you communicate successfully with your intended audience. In particular we can:

  • Produce a promotional video 
  • Cover a launch event or major corporate announcement 
  • Provide training on television interviews and appearance
  • Live video conferencing and corporate announcements
  • Online video streaming
  • Video distribution to broadcasters